Carol Thorogood

Carol Thorogood

Carol Thorogood (BSc Hons; Dip. H.M. (Heartwood); M.N.I.M.H. 

Medical Herbalist

I decided to become a herbalist in my 20s after reading the biography of French herbalist Maurice Messegue. His success in treating his patients using local plants in hand and foot baths opened my eyes to the power of plants and how they provide us with food, material, joy and especially medicine. I’m a keen grower of plants for medicine, food and beauty. I also forage sustainably and make some of my own medicines.

I trained with Heartwood on the degree level programme. This included anatomy, pathology, diagnosis, plant pharmacology, nutrition and over 500 hours of clinical training with respected herbalists in the UK and Ireland.

I continue to study and update my knowledge with regular webinars and conferences, including Digestive Health, Herbal Prescribing for Children, Urinary Health for Men and Psoriasis.


Booking a consultation with me will give us time in a relaxed setting to discuss your health in-depth, considering your symptoms, their timeline, diet, stress levels and lifestyle. I may take your pulse and blood pressure or look at your tongue. I will suggest a treatment plan, a combination of herbal medicine, lifestyle and diet, taking into account your unique constitution and circumstances, which we will discuss and agree. I will prescribe and mix your individualised herbal medicine (usually a blend of several medicinal plants) a liquid medicine or a herbal infusion or sometimes a cream to use externally.

We will normally meet again after 2 – 4 weeks to assess your progress and make any adjustments to the treatment plan. I will suggest that we meet periodically while you are taking the herbs until you are well enough to go forward with a healthy diet and lifestyle .

It’s difficult to estimate the length of treatment, but in general, acute conditions will improve more quickly than those which have been present for years. In every case, I aim to help you understand how you have become ill and empower and encourage you to start to reverse this process. Herbs are used to reset the body’s functions – the immune system, inflammation, hormones and elimination.



Initial Consultation – 60 – 75 minutes: £70

Follow up Consultation – 30 – 45 minutes: £40

Children’s Short Consultation: £50

Enquiry Call – 15 minutes: FREE

Medicines are charged separately,  typical cost £8 – 12 per week



Please contact Carol direct on 07947 908376 or via email to arrange an appointment at Highgrove.