Fertility Acupuncture

Paul Adkins offers natural fertility acupuncture and IVF support. As a Zita West Affiliated acupuncturist, Paul has undergone further training with Zita, an expert in the field of fertility acupuncture. He is assisted by fellow acupuncturist Kelly Richards at the clinic, who follows Paul’s fertility acupuncture treatment protocols.

An Initial Consultation is very in-depth and utilises a comprehensive pre-appointment questionnaire for your practitioner to work with you to devise the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs. This session will allow you to discuss all aspects of fertility, including patient history, lifestyle, diet and acupuncture treatment required.

Please bring ante-natal notes, if you have them.

Clients must undertake an Initial Fertility Consultation before a course of treatment can be recommended.

Your practitioner will work with you to devise a plan of action which, depending upon your requirements, may include a range of services.