Carol Thorogood

Introducing Medical Herbalist Carol Thorogood

Meet the Team!

We’re excited to introduce Medical Herbalist Carol Thorogood, who joins us from Wednesday 27th April.

Carol trained as a Medical Herbalist with Heartwood on the degree level programme. This included anatomy, pathology, diagnosis, plant pharmacology, nutrition and over 500 hours of clinical training with respected herbalists in the UK and Ireland.

Carol continues to study and update her knowledge with regular webinars and conferences, including Digestive Health, Herbal Prescribing for Children, Urinary Health for Men and Psoriasis.

Booking a consultation with Carol will give you time in a relaxed setting to discuss your health in-depth, considering your symptoms, their timeline, diet, stress levels and lifestyle.

In every case, Carol aims to help you understand how you have become ill and empower and encourage you to start to reverse this process. Herbs are used to reset the body’s functions – the immune system, inflammation, hormones and elimination.

Click here to read more about herbal medicine or visit Carol’s page to book an appointment.

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